"A beekeeper's year" Janet Luke


Finally a book for kiwi backyard beekeepers written by a kiwi backyard beekeeper! This is my latest book which I am really proud to bring you. As a budding backyard beekeeper you are in a unique position to keep bees in a bee focused and friendly way which will help support the bee populations in your local area.

Keeping bees is becoming increasingly popular around the world as concern grows that bees and their environments are threatened by global warming and climate change. For beginners, this guide follows three beekeepers using different hives through their first season.

Featuring three different popular beehive designs: Top Bar, Warre and Flow Janet Luke interviews the keepers and carries out inspections of their hives, looking at where to locate beehives, how to introduce the bees, comb management, varroa control, disease inspections, feeding bees, requeening, harvesting honey and preparing hives for the winter months.

Throughout this informative manual the underlying message is how to keep bees in a bee focused way, using organic and sustainable practices

Makes beekeeping look easy, this book is an ideal beginner's guide.

-Showcases three different popular beehive designs and follows the progress of three beekeepers over one season.

Offers practical and useful feedback on commonly encountered issues.

  • Includes troubleshooting tips for managing pests and diseases.

    200 x 150 mm

    224 pages

    Full-colour photos

    Paperback with flaps
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