"Domestic Goddess on a Budget". Wendyl Nissen


Domestic Goddess on a Budget

Writer, broadcaster, wife, mum and grandma Wendyl Nissen knows just how difficult it is to juggle family and career, while saving the planet and living within your means.

Domestic Goddess on a Budget is a user-friendly guide for making money-saving changes in your life to become more natural, sustainable and healthy. Wendyl brings an entertaining and informative approach to greening up everyday activities, from cleaning your house with her natural cleaning recipes, to eating out of your own organic garden and having a go, little by little, step by step at introducing some of the things our grandparents did every day of their lives.

With difficult economic times ahead, Domestic Goddess on a Budget contains a great deal of practical advice on how to make a little go a lot further.

Topics include:

Cleaning and recipes for cleaning products

Kitchen - how to save scraps, not waste food, buy bulk; on a budget, including cheap kids parties & entertaining at home

Gardening - potatoes in tyres, tomatoes in bags of potting mix plus recipes, natural pesticide, compost making, etc

Beauty plus homemade recipes, e.g. avocado facials

Budgeting, home/time management

Self-sufficiency to save money - water tanks, grey water tanks, recycling, reusing, repairing, alternative modes of transport

How to slow down, stop being perfect and find the right work/life balance for you

Is there a domestic goddess lurking in you?

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