Wild Puzzle art - Insects


Bugs glorious bugs! Treat your sprogs to some squealing good fun with this fabulous 45 piece puzzle.

Insects are pretty amazing! Not only have they lived on this planet much much longer than us humans, they also have superhuman-like qualities and we keep discovering new ones! Small in size they may be, and less cuddly than our mammal cousins, they are however extremely vital for the proper functioning of our ecosystems with very very cool abilities.

Made from FSC cardboard, this puzzle is bright, bold and educational.

Insects of New Zealand

From Top: Honey Bee, House Fly, Gum Emperor Moth, Giant Dragonfly, Giraffe Weevil, Cabbage White Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, 11-Spotted Ladybird, Steelblue Ladybird, Aphid, Puriri Moth, Stick Insect, Green Planthopper, Shield Bug, Cicada, Passionvine Hopper, Praying Mantis, Striped Mosquito, Ant, Bunble Bee, Common Wasp, Common Copper Butterfly, Black Cockroach, Elephant Weevil, Black Field Cricket, Katydid,Manuka Beetle, Tree Weta, Ground Beetle, Huhu Beetle, Little Blue Butterfly, Earwig.

Supports Environmental Charities A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product is donated to New Zealand wildlife and environmental charities.

Product Size

  • Completed Puzzle Size: 39cm x 29cm (15.3" x 11.5")
  • 1 - 4 Players

Recommended Age

5+ years

Country of Origin

Developed in New Zealand, Made in China.

About the Artist Dave Gunson has been a freelance artist designer and author for nearly 40 years. He has written and illustrated around 200 books as well as painting for New Zealand Geographic posters. Dave has also designed postage stamps for New Zealand and several other countries

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