Ecolife biodegradable potty


Finally, an eco-friendly, non-plastic option for potty training! Ecolife potties are made from recycled plant materials (bamboo and rice) that biodegrade naturally when buried in your garden. So now your child can learn about potty training, recycling AND gardening at the same time - just plant the potty in your garden with some seeds once you're done using it, and watch as it turns into something beautiful. Now that's potty incentive!


  •  made from sustainable materials - bamboo and rice husks - mixed with biodegradable resin
  •  100% pesticide and chemical free
  •  minimal packaging made from recycled paper
  •  typical potty life-span is 1 year (to keep your potty in top condition, remember to wash and dry it after every visit)
SKU: 10050

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