​Robert Moore (Chairperson)

Tainui ki Whāingaroa (Waikato), Ngāti Rahiri (Te Ātiawa)

Robert has been a trustee since 2013 and chairperson since 2018. Robert has a long background of involvement across a range of environmental issues, projects, and networks, as an organiser, advocate, and researcher. He is a past recipient of the Hamilton Youth Council Recognyz Youth Enviro Award for this involvement and leadership on environmental activities as a student at the University of Waikato.  Since then Robert has moved into governance roles with a number of local environmental and social service projects. He works at Anglican Action as a researcher on social and environmental justice issues. 

Robert enjoys giving time to support the governance of Go Eco. He brings to the role a deep personal commitment to people and planet alongside his background and relationships in the sector. Robert has recently returned to university to pursue postgraduate study in Māori and Indigenous Studies. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Screen and Media. In his spare time he enjoys getting outdoors, hiking mountains or tending his garden.


Amy Coombes (Deputy Chair)

Amy Coombes is a Chartered Accountant and Associate of the large Waikato based accountancy firm CooperAitken. Within her 15 years accountancy experience working with small to medium enterprises, and as a director in a Waikato dairy business, she has strong insight into the many challenges faced in running a business. These challenges have highlighted how important good governance, accountability, leadership and ongoing monitoring are in running a successful business. In her role as Associate, she manages a large business advisory portfolio and assists the Directors on special work projects such as strategy, taxation structure planning, scenario planning, budgets, setting KPIs and various other projects. Amy’s interest in Go Eco stems from a passion and desire to educate people.  She believes knowledge is power and when people are educated they become engaged and she is certain that Go Eco has the potential to achieve this engagement and increased awareness across the Waikato. Amy sees herself adding value to the governance of Go-eco through her financial skills base, being a strategic thinker, bringing strong relationship building skills and her ability to critically analyse information to make effective decisions.

bruce graham

Bruce Graham

Bruce has an unusual background for a trustee of an environment centre, having spent many years working in different positions within the petro-chemical industry. He considers that sustainable practices need to be at the core of both. Bruce is a strong supporter of considering the environment in a broad context. He believes Go Eco's role is as an enabler for other environmental groups and a vehicle for promoting environmental initiatives. Bruce has a Graduate Diploma in Management, is and has lived in the Waikato for many years.

Katherine Hay

Katherine has long been active in community environmental action and brings links with, and knowledge of, the not for profit sector and environmental groups in the Waikato region to the Board.

Early environmental interest was sparked through involvement with Hamilton Junior Naturists Club and carried on later in life to the completion of an environmental degree, and becoming manager of the Waikato Environment Centre Trust for 10 years.

She is currently Chair of Waikato Forest and Bird, as well as being on the committees of Tui 2000 and Predator Free Hamilton.  Katherine is also a member of ACRE (Advisory Committee for the Regional Environment) and on the Biodiversity Forum focus group.

Recent conservation action on the ground includes coordinating the Mokaihaha Kōkako Trust near Tokoroa.

Anthony Bellve

Anthony's professional career has comprised scientific research, education and administration primarily undertaken at Massey University, John Hopkins University, Harvard University, Columbia University and the US Population Centre, National Institute of Child Health and Human development. Anthony now focuses on pragmatic issues relating to global warming; including harnessing renewable marine energy and implementing educational and environmental mitigation measures.  While previously living in Whitford, Auckland, Anthony founded and chaired Whitford Estuaries Conservation Society and served as a trustee on the Motu Kaikoura Trust Board (2005 -2012).  

sam taylor

Nathan Orr

Born and bred in the Waikato, Nathan Orr has always been curious in finding out how things work in order to make them better. Following completion of a master’s degree in Management Sustainability and having worked with some of Waikato’s top entrepreneurs, his attention then turned to starting his own businesses. From building tiny houses on wheels to address the housing and consumption crisis, to managing sustainability projects for existing businesses, Nathan has combined his love for business and passion for sustainability. With skills in ideation, innovation, market research, validation, communication and marketing, Nathan’s talents lend themselves best to leveraging existing opportunities in business through new innovative approaches, or investigating currently untapped potential. With ever increasing pressure on funding for not-for-profit organisation, the value Nathan believes he can offer to the Go Eco board is in investigating commercial opportunities for sustainable funding streams.

John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell has a broad background in research, innovation and business, particularly working in the environmental and primary industry sectors. In his current role as a Research & Innovation Manager at the University of Waikato he works with researchers to develop multidisciplinary  research collaborations and partnerships, offering support throughout the research process, including implementation and commercialisation of their research. John has a PhD from the University of Auckland in marine biology working on harmful algal blooms and completed a post-doctorate at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (California, USA) in biological oceanography. As a nominee to the trustee position with Go Eco, John brings his passion for the environment, wanting to make a positive difference to the resilience and health of our ecosystems – to leave a world our tamariki can thrive in and enjoy.


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