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We often make submissions to local government on proposed plans and policies that we feel strongly about. We'll let you know via our weekly email broadcast or through social media, and invite your input.

You can also have your say by making a submission yourself.

Check out these consultation pages for current consultations and information about how to make a submission:

Hamilton City Council
Waikato Regional Council
Waikato District Council

We can help you get your project off the ground

Have you a great idea for a project that you would like to get off the ground but don't know where to start? 

You might not have had to find funding before and don't know where to look or how to complete those daunting application forms. When you are in new territory, it can be hard to know what you need to know to put your ideas in to action.

Get in touch with us if you have an idea and need help or advice to get it up an running. 

A couple of awesome projects we're involved with:

Project Echo

Hamilton City's bat research project

The Hamilton City bat research project is a staged research programme with the primary aims of increasing knowledge of the distribution and habitat use of Hamilton City long-tailed bats, and monitoring log-term trends in activity at key monitoring sites. A combination of habitat modelling and acoustic site surveys will be used to understand where bats are located throughout the city, how they may move through the landscape, and how this changes over time. Long-term monitoring of bats is an integral part of this research project, with monitoring to take place annually for at least five, but ideally ten years.

The project plans to use knowledge of bat distribution, habitat use and activity trends to guide restoration of habitat, based on an ethos of community involvement in, and education of, Hamilton's urban ecosystems that are utilised by bats. The involvement of the community is an integral part of this research, partnering with tangata whenua and the development and utilisation of trained volunteer community groups as part of the on-going survey rounds. 

One goal that we will be working towards is providing better knowledge to drive a city-wide management plan of bats, in order to work as much as we can with infrastructure development currently in progress or proposed; while also pushing for bat conservation, habitat preservation and restoration to ensure Hamilton still has a population of bats (ideally one that thrives) in ten years' time, and beyond.

Project Echo leader Hannah Meuller

Project Echo leader Hannah Meuller

Indigenous Transformation Project

"From the roots up"

Hepara (Shepherd) Isaac started this project at Hillcrest Stadium. 

Over a period of nearly four years since it started and through those years, he has observed, analyzed and monitored pioneer native trees transform into what it is now.

"Being a volunteer gives me a chance to up-skill and meet people (all walks of life) that are passionate about the conservation of our environment involving restoration, also getting involved with community activities, planting, weeding and clean-up events."

Project Transformations leader Hepara Isaac

Project Transformations leader Hepara Isaac

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