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We want to make it easier for you to live in a way that does the least harm to the planet. That involves helping you make consumer choices that do little or no harm to the environment. 

We have a shop that is stocked full of eco products that are not only kind to the earth but also really high quality products. Being green doesn't mean a lack of style or that you will miss out on any fun. Whether you are looking for everyday household necessities like detergent refills and dishbrushes, luxurious personal care products, beautiful gifts like delisiously smelly candles or Thunderpants, or children's books or toys, we've got it all. 

Browse online or pop in to the store. And if you wish, like our Facebook page so you can find out about any offers and discounts throughout the year.

Recycle your electronic waste

Go Eco is a depot for electronic waste recycling. We take single use, rechargeable, coin lithium and silver oxide batteries; energy efficient light bulbs; toner cartridges; fluorescent tubes and electronic devices for recycling at WEC. All items are recycled ethically according to Ministry for Environment Standards. Many go to a social enterprise at South Waikato Achievement Centre in Tokoroa who employ disadvantaged people. 

Please note, doing the right thing does cost a little more, please see the price list below for details. 

Bring it in to our centre or we can pick up your E waste for an extra $25. 

HomeFit - Healthy Homes Assessment

Go Eco has a team of qualified HomeFit assessors that can provide an independent appraisal of your home. HomeFit  is a NZ Green Building initiative providing simple practical tools to ensure homes are warm and healthy.

Go Eco is proud to be part of this programme and promote it as a tool for both home owners and landlords because everyone deserves to have decent housing, whether they rent or own. The appraisal looks at damp, mould, insulation, heating, ventilation and other key areas. 

Homes that pass  will be awarded a HomeFit stamp, showing that it is warm, dry, safe and efficient. All appraisals come with a comprehensive report and, if needed, any recommendations to improve the performance of your home. 

To find out more about HomeFit Healthy Home assessments contact Tania, or Simon

In the meantime do the HomeFit online check:

Warm, Healthy Homes

Home Performance Advice Service

Is your house making you sick? 
New Zealand houses have a record of being poorly heated and inefficient at retaining warmth. 
Homes that are cold, damp or poorly ventilated impact on our comfort and health, and that of our whānau. 

Our Home Performance Advice Service empowers people to create warm, healthy and energy efficient homes. 

Services we offer: 

For rentals: 

  • Certificate of Compliance with Rental Tenancies Act 2016 ($130)
  • HomeFit Assessment ($350)

For home owners:

  • Home 'Warrant of Fitness' Assessment - comprehensive assessment, including report and Certificate of Compliance with Rental Tenancies Act 2016 ($350)

For organisations and groups: 

  • Home performance workshops covering a range of topics to help our homes be warmer, drier and healthier, including
    • Understanding your home and how it works
    • Insulation
    • Heating options
    • Ventilation
    • Safety

Sustainable Business Support

Go Eco offers sustainability consulting, training and support services across the Waikato and North Island. We work with businesses, organisations and councils of all sizes, and can help you improve your environmental or social performance.

Go Eco is a registered charity and by using our services you are supporting local, ethical investment into our community and environment. Thank you for considering Go Eco for your sustainability consulting needs.

About our Sustainability Consultant:
Camilla Carty-Melis has been working as a sustainability consultant and environmental educator for the past 10 years. She help businesses, organisations, councils and schools increase their sustainability performance through environmental and social action. and her passion is working with people to find sustainable solutions specific to their needs. When she's not at work, she loves travelling, being in nature and volunteering for causes she cares about.


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