Home performance assessment and advice service

Need help with energy options at home?

  • Is your home difficult to warm?
  • Do you have a high power bill?
  • Problems with dampness and condensation?
  • Thinking about a home ventilation system?
  • Want to spend less on heating?
  • Want to be more environmentally-friendly?

… If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help you!

Tania Ashman and Camilla Carty-Melis, our certified Home Performance Advisors

our home performance advisors

What we cover

  • Energy efficient window solutions for all budgets.
  • Insulation, including where you need it and the types available.
  • Heating options and their relative cost effectiveness.
  • Mould, and keeping your house dry.
  • Energy-efficient lighting options.
  • Recommendations of service providers and products.
  • Advice on smart water use, reducing waste and being more sustainable.

Who can use the service?

Everyone, from owner-occupiers to tenants and landlords.

  • For rentals: Warrant of fitness for landlords, and support for both tenants an homeowners.
  • For organisations: Workshops for your organisation or group.
condensation on a window

Is your home making you sick?

New Zealand houses have a record of being poorly heated and inefficient at retaining warmth. 

Although winters in the Waikato are short, homes that are cold, damp or poorly ventilated impact on our comfort and health, and that of our whānau.

The Home Performance Advice Service empowers people to create warm, healthy and energy efficient homes

This service is tailored to the specific needs of your home and family, and will provide you with the tools to lower your energy bills, improve indoor air quality and feel more comfortable during both summer and winter.

What are the problems?

  • Each year, more than 1600 lives are lost due to poor quality housing, a much higher rate than in other OECD countries*.
  • New Zealand homes are on average 6 degrees Celsius below World Health Organization recommended minimum temperatures in winter*.
  • 45 percent of all New Zealand homes are mouldy*.
  • 300,000 New Zealand homes have an unflued gas heater, which emits dangerous gases and water vapour in to the home and contributes to sickness and ill-health*.

New Zealand’s cold damp homes pose serious health risks

This is particularly true for the most vulnerable groups in our communities.  Even new homes do not perform as well as they could.

Our Home Performance Advice service aims to tackle these issues, and help create warmer, healthier and more sustainable homes across the Waikato and Aotearoa. There is considerable scope to improve the sustainability of New Zealand’s new and existing homes.

* Figures from http://www.ecodesignadvisor.or...

man installing insulation

Contact an advisor directly at healthyhomes@goeco.org.nz


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