About us

Healthy Environments; Thriving Communities

Ka ora te whenua; Ka ora te tangata

Our mission: A voice for the environment; A centre for learning and; A catalyst for change.

Our vision and values: Go Eco is a Charitable Trust with a vision of Healthy Environments supported by thriving communities. The values of community, empowerment, inspiration and integrity are central to our work.

We provide community education, collaborate with and support environmental groups and projects, provide inspiration for living lighter and advocates on behalf of the environment. We are home to a depot for recycling electronic devices, batteries, light bulbs, toner cartridges, and we run Kaivolution Food Rescue

Charities registration number: CC10644

Please DONATE to help us continue serving the community - bank deposits to: 03-0318-0776781-000

Email hello@goeco.org.nz if you require a tax receipt. 


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