Meeting 13th March 2018 at the Hamilton Yacht Clubrooms 5.30pmAn interested group of about thirty-five local people turned up to listen to a number of speakers talking about the quality of the water and other issues concerning Lake Rotoroa, Hamilton’s lake. There were some...
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Before we look at HOW we can practice water care, it is useful to reflect on WHY it is important. Here are a few reasons, but you might think of more:Water is essential for all life; every species on the planet relies on water in some form.We rely on water for growing f...
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They say water is life. We need to protect our water: both keeping it clean and conserving it. In this free workshop you will explore water, and making safe beauty and cleaning products....
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Water matters

March 21, 2017
People are standing up to say enough is enough, we need to protect our water!...
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Join us for Taps Off Day

March 9, 2017
We're taking part in Oxfam's Taps Off Day this month, going a day without turning on the taps at home and in the office....
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The focus of Earth Matters for March is Water

We will be expressing our manaaki for our water. In the show this week, 1st of March, we discussed Healthy Rivers and interviewed Alan Fleming from Forest and Bird. You can check out the podcast of this show on the Free FM website - search Earth Matters. ...
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