Ecological worldviews

November 8, 2017
(These notes are based on a full-day workshop titled ‘Ecological Worldviews’ facilitated as part of the Go Eco Permaculture Design Certificate.) Learning objectives: *Be familiar with the different factors that shape worldviews.*Understand the term ‘dominant social par...
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What is permaculture?

July 31, 2017
Next weekend we begin running our Permaculture Design Certificate. Unfamiliar with permaculture? This is a nice little clip where people explain what permaculture is to them....
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An introduction to permaculture, including its history, ethics, purposes and applications....
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This evening my colleague facilitated a workshop on growing your own food (first of eight workshops we are running called 'Future Living Conversations'). ...
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This workshop will give you an interesting perspective on building performance and how our houses affect our health. ...
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