Recycle All Plastic HCC

We want Hamilton City Council to commit to collecting all plastics, 1 thru 7, as part of the kerbside recycling collection service.  

Please show your solidarity by signing the online petition.

Even better, if you are available from 9.30am on Tuesday the 5th of December please come to the Hamilton City Council chamber, as we present the petition to Councillors in the Growth and Infrastructure meeting.  If you want to speak to the Councillors in support of this please email Becca.Brooke@hcc.govt.nz to book your spot in the public forum. 

We want to protect the whenua and make the most of the resources that we have.  Recycling stops the need for as much new plastic production, it stops plastics from ending up in our environment, especially the marine environment, and it stops plastics from being put in landfill where they last for a very long time causing environmental damage.


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