The Worm is Turning: A movie about ecological farming

“A film about feeding EVERYBODY well and restoring the environment.”

WHEN: Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 7 - 9 pm
WHERE: Go Eco at 188 Commerce StreetHamilton, Waikato, New Zealand
COST: This is a free event but ew would appreciate if you register so we know how many are coming. Register
CONTACT: For more information contact Samantha at projects@shama.nz or 027-843-3002

This is the story of how corporate agribusiness is taking over the world’s food production revealed through historical archival footage. The movie tells how this system is destroying people’s health, economies and the ecology of the world.Filmed on location in India, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia, The Worm is Turning shows - through amazing examples of ecological farming - that small ecological farms are more productive, can feed more people, and restore the environment.

Cup of tea will be provided.


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