Totara: A story from the roots up

In preparation for International Arbor Day on 5 June, we want together together with you to celebrate, showcase and talk about local restoration opportunities.

Transformations - local action, future protection

30th May, 6pm, Knighton Normal Primary School Hall

Join us to celebrate our majestic native trees. 

All trees and plants help to fight climate change and clean the air by sucking up carbon dioxide and other pollutants. But planting the right trees and plants is important. Planting native flora restores and enhances the environment, and encourages biodiversity in cities and along our waterways. 
In preparation for International Arbor Day on 5 June, we want to get together with you to find out about restoration projects in your community. We will celebrate, showcase and talk about opportunities for you to support and participate in projects, that are happening now, that protect the future for our children and theirs. Nibbles and drinks will be provided. 

6pm - Launch of the 'The Totara' tree animation. The Totara tree has seen lots of changes, trees knocked over, his family gone, buildings up, buildings down, he's been sad, but now he's happy because with the help of the people, all his friends (Kanuka, Manuka, kahikatea...) are coming back. Developed by Shepherd Isaac in collaboration with the Artmakers Trust. 

6.15pm - Growing community in restoration - Shepherd Isaac 

6.30pm - Employment in restoration - how can we achieve this? Professor Bruce Clarkson


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