Cooking up a change

Wrap your laughing gear around this. And join us for a month of delicious vege filled fun this Meat Free May. Check out what it is like to be a climatearian.

Eating less meat really does make a difference. 

Tune in to Earth Matters, Free FM, this Wednesday at 5pm and listen to the sage advice of Climate Change expert Peter Urich. 

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced meat consumption go hand in hand. Together we can make a difference, and it can taste wonderful too!A Climatarian diet involves choosing what you eat based on the carbon footprint of different foods. You can use your power as a consumer to drive down the production of the types of meat which have the biggest impact on our climate. Some reasons why we want to eat less meat:Livestock production makes up 14.5% of total global greenhouse gas emissions Animal agriculture is one of the causes of deforestation and climate change. Fish stocks are being depleted and fish species are in danger; over 70% of the world's fish stocks are over or fully exploited.Our health is suffering: a diet rich in meat has been linked to health issues. Eating less meat could prevent early deaths and allow people to lead more full and active lives.


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