Repair workshop at the Waikato Show

Why throw something away when you can fix it?

Repair workshop at Te Papanui - Earth MattersAre you coming to the Waikato Show on 7-9 April? Te Papanui - Earth Matters is going to feature a repair workshop. During select times, there will be people at the workshop who can either help you to fix something, or teach you how to make those repairs. We're still waiting for confirmations of time slots so keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next week, but expect to (if you time it right) be able to bring along your shirt that is missing a button, or the trousers that need to be re-hemmed and have someone do it for a gold coin donation. We're going to have James, a bicycle whizz from Chain Link Hamilton, there who will be able to demonstrate (at no charge) how to make basic repairs like fixing a puncture and how to and carry out simple maintenance on your bike. James will be there on all three days from 10am until 12 noon.


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